Time 2 load up goog

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Will see 600 soon

    Google is the number one internet and media company in the world.
  2. Please refer to my thread "GOOG Suckers".
  3. vikasd


    Time to load up on all internets, goog, bidu, amzn, ebay, akam.

    There has been no slowing in internet traffic.
  4. Exatctly

    Short google now, prepare to lose lots of money later
  5. dozu888


    s_t, as much as an idiot you are, I actually agree with you on the bullishness on goog.

    PEG ratio of about 0.7 for a leading search engine is really bargain basement price. This thing was pushing 700 not 2 long ago, now it's at 4 and change.

    The last leg of a bear is usually not due to fundamentals, but due to lack of resources. e.g. people need to sell A in order to cover B, that type of thing.

    so there is no guarantee that goog won't go lower, but for the long term, it's a sure buy right here.
  6. vikasd


    Commodity complex caused the market to go down and took techs down with it. Tech is the only part of the economy which is helped by a falling dollar. Tech imports deflation due to falling dollar and export inflation.

    Hopefully soon the market will figure this out.