Time 2 buy CEA

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  1. it is time to load up on some CEA

    way oversold and will rebound to 120 easily

    If you look at the 3 month chart there isnt much of a parabolic rally . The 5 day hart shows no blowoff top but just steady selling mainly on gap downs.
  2. Can you go ahead and tell me my fortune while you're at it... perhaps you can look at a chart or maybe some astrology. If a stock's price history told you anything about it's future price, there would be a lot of rich historians in America.
  3. spazzz
  4. TA Hater.
  5. stock, we get it, you're long to the gills. how about something you don't know, like a hedge? it's spelled H E D G E
  6. up 8%.....nice
  7. up 14%... werd
  8. closes day up 16%

    it will go higher
  9. Going to 90 real quick
  10. bffft cut the trade if it breaks $100

    didn't do what I expected

    a solid 16% rally should not end so badly.

    Still has 9% gains locked in but the reversal is too strong.

    I was expecting it maybe to be down 5% at most, but 7.5% is too much.
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