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  1. Anyone here know anything or heard anything about timalerts.com? Here's the link: http://www.timalerts.com/

    Thinking of signing up after seeing all those testimonials... it can't all be fake, can it?
  2. "arcus, why in the world would u still be holding–sure it might spike, but the key to longevity is cutting losses quickly, i’d never ever allow a 10% loss to possibly become a 20% one" - Timothy Sykes

  3. mxjones


    Hey spammer-

    Why do I have to give you my email to get the report? Why not just post it on the site? Sounds like as much of a scam as Sykes.
  4. I looked at Tim's site for weeks, watched his little Livestock TV show but never signed for the Alerts.
    Tim seems a legit men. His calls are right but you have to trade them well and since they are small caps there is no volume so when he sends an alert you are better to be on the trigger cuz the shit goes gown fast on his "pumping". Over 500 followers on a 3$, 200 000 daily volume stock does cause some serious down pressure.
    Anyways, the alerts can be usefull and they are cheap. You also get access to the "VIP" chat room and message board.
    I dont pay for them cuz you can do your own research and easilly get the same stocks (www.stockfetcher.com).
    Good for lazy people but dont take the posted returns as given cuz it's not sure you can get that price.
    What I used to do is watching his morning watchlist and then trade the ones I like. I sometimes "frontruned" the TimAlerts and it was an easy trade.
    Tim stuff is not a scam. It's a business and he want's to make dough, no bullshit. He sells DVDs and alerts. As long as I know he hes not getting money from third parties like Lebed does.
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    he messed up big time today as i hear..

    sent an email alert to buy IDAE late yesterday, and this morning he sent a sell alert 20 minutes after open...
    (of course the subscribers messed up too, with market instead of limits orders...)

    what happened... well, see the times&sales (or chart)..

    the market maker might send him some chocolates

  6. Look at that intra, man, i HATE penny stocks. I'd much rather go roll the dice in Vegas. You have to be nuts to trade that shit.