Tim Tebow or Cam Newton?

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  1. espn.com has a nation wide vote on this topic. Cam Newton has entered the NFL draft. Who will be a more successful QB in the NFL...Tim, Cam or neither?

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of either. With that being said, I think with Tebow's current status he will fair better at the QB position, although I don't think either will ever be considered elite.
  2. "Cam" what kind of name is that
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    No question Tim Tebow. Tim has a fire and a passion for the game that quite frankly I'm not sure I have ever seen in the NFL. He's going to need to get talent around him though. Unlike college ball, you can't win games by yourself in the NFL.
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    Depends greatly on the team and coaching staff because there's been a lot of good unknown quarterbacks out of college that became NFL stars (e.g. Tom Brady was a 6th round selection around 199th overall).

    Simply, to measure a quarterback potential is really dependent upon the supporting cast they get put with and then (later) their ability to adjust to the NFL. Thus, there's a group of top quarterbacks out of college that did very poorly in the NFL (e.g Ryan Leaf the #2 pick overall in 1998, Tom Couch the #1 pick in 1999, JaMarcus Russell #1 pick in 2007).

    Lets see what team Cam Newton gets selected by and then look at that teams history with giving the quarterback the supporting cast he needs. Yet, with Cam's father around...Cam's career decisions may not be of his own once he lands in the NFL. Thus, wouldn't be surprise if the Dad has impact with what the agent decides what's best for Cam.

  5. Both are known for being running qb's. How many running qb's have EVER made it deep into the playoffs? I can see them winning half their games for a few seasons but I doubt they could do any better than that.
  6. flashe in the pan longshots the both of them
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    Ever heard of Steve Young? Superbowl MVP.
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    And what does your 140 lb ass know about football? :D
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    Steve Young

    Records and legacy

    * Third-Highest Passer Rating, Career - 96.8[6]
    * Most Rushing Touchdowns by a QB, Career - 43[7]
    * Most Passing Titles, Career - 6 (tied w/Sammy Baugh)[6]
    * Most Consecutive Passing Titles - 4 (1991–94)[6]
    * Most Seasons With a Passer Rating Over 100, Career - 6 (1991–94, 1997–98)[8]
    * Most Consecutive Games w/300+ Yards Passing - 6 (Young was the first QB to do this in 1998; Kurt Warner (2000) and Rich Gannon (2002) have since tied the mark)[6]
    * One of only 4 QB's to lead the league in touchdown passes 4 times (tied w/Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, and Len Dawson)[6]
    * Most Passes Attempted, Playoff Game - 65 vs. Green Bay, 1995[9]
    * Most TD Passes, Playoff Game - 6 (tied w/Daryle Lamonica)[9]
    * Most TD Passes in one Super Bowl - 6[10]
    * Most Rushing Yards by a QB, Postseason Career - 594[11]
    * Most Rushing Touchdowns by a QB, Postseason Career - 8[11]

    A left-handed thrower, Young was famous for his ability to "scramble" away from the pass rush. He has the third-highest single-season passer rating at 112.8 (set in the 1994 season), next to Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning (121.1 QB rating in 2004), and New England Patriots' Tom Brady (117.2 QB rating in 2007). However, among quarterbacks with at least 1,500 passing attempts, Young's career passer rating of 96.8 is the third-highest of any quarterback in NFL history. Aaron Rodgers is first (98.02), Phillip Rivers is second (97.03), Tony Romo is fourth (95.5), and Peyton Manning ranks fifth all-time (94.4) - through Week 13 of the 2010-11 NFL season. Young's career completion percentage (64.3%) is fifth-best all time among NFL quarterbacks.

    In 1999, he was ranked #63 on The Sporting News list of the 100 Greatest Football Players. Young was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on February 5, 2005; he was the first left-handed Quarterback to be so honored. He was enshrined August 7, 2005. His induction speech was given by his father, LeGrande "Grit" Young.

    The San Francisco 49ers had his #8 jersey retired during a halftime ceremony against the New England Patriots on October 5, 2008. He was the 11th player in team history to receive this honor.
  10. Cam Newton - A much lesser version of Vince Young. Did you see the wide open recievers he missed in the national championship game? Guys running free and he overthrew them by 10 yards! Newton will be a shit NFL QB.

    Tebow- As far as passing skills, I would say he has little chance to be a top tier QB. That being said, Tebow has "something", a quality that you just can"t describe. That X factor gives him a chance at turning into a decent QB. Hope so, because he seems like a real good guy.

    I would take Tebow any day over Newton.
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