Tim Sykes - The Sorcerer - How low will ET stoop?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by rcanfiel, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Although we pretty much knew TheSorcerer = Tim Sykes, I just noticed he also shares the same initials! TS=TS

    I think it is kind of low, accepting a sponsor who also shills obviously for himself.

    Bullz&Bears was bad enough, he was a newbie that pretended to be a trader. But this Sykes keeps wrapping himself in a cloak as if he is here to help newbies.
  2. just curious, what is everyones problem with Tim? I havent followed the threads but have seen him post advertising his new book. Dont see any harm in that since he pays to do it. Am I missing something here?
  3. We all know Sykes: Return = < 1%/yr:

    Tim, Truth is all your other trades, if they were worth a shit, would have off-set CYGT; but instead you closed Cilantro/Sykes hedge fund because the farce was over!! Time to sell shit at ET to make a living!!

    ...totally busted...So, what we have is: Tim Sykes who goes from failed Fund manager to dvd/book snake oil salesman, who's family members no longer trust for money advice...

    ..so look out newbies/suckers here comes Timmay BullShit Express (TimSays: "please buy my book/dvd i am a loser who needs money and does not want a real job").....
  4. I can really picture Tim selling human organs and trafficking in cartilage and other human tissue.

    Did I take it too far………..NOPE
  5. Did you take it too far?...NO..

    It will happen, if it makes more money for Sykes than selling Snake Oil/dvd's..
  6. Uh...hhmmm..........he he he.. ....yes TimSykes/timvodas that must be correct:

    We at ET are jealous of the Sykes BullShit empire...

    ...yes, that must be the problem, so move on and ignore us and ET since we are ..he he he... how you say "jealous".....
  7. Amen
  8. We submit to our new Sykeian ET overlords. :(