Tim Sykes dvd's

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  1. Interested in taking a look at these, so if you have any to sell drop me a note.

    I know some around here hate him, but I don't care.

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    1) Look for pump and dump penny stocks. 2) Short during the "dump". 3) Profit.
  3. Yes, thanks - that sums it all up.

    Just like when you see a hammer or stochastics turn up, go long. That's all that's needed.

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    ^same if I could get a copy or a torrent, that'd be great.


  5. one of the few times, I approve torrents of someone's "published" works. The "author" was, you know... :D
  6. Sell short a highly illiquid security. Tell hundreds of others to do the same after you've traded, then cover, then tell hundreds of others to cover. Real simple, but not a game that you can play.

    Inception April 23, 2009*

    Model Manager S&P 500
    Sharpe Ratio 4.92 2.79
    Return Since Inception (%) 31.45 30.37
    Annualized Return (%) 58.39 56.21
    Month to Date Return (%) 9.68 7.18
    Calendar 3 Month Return (%) 11.65 4.93

    His current stats show him barely able to keep up with the S&P.
  7. I heard Timmay is Tiger Wood's latest ho'...

  8. Better than the 10's of thousands of others----
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    bwol - i haven't looked at his stuff in months (someone offered me a copy of his new "tim fundamentals", i laughed because the last few dvds he's done - EVEN FREE - have been a waste of time that i can't get back).

    anyhow - what he does is NOT scalable, and so you can look great with 100, 200, 500, even 1000 shares traded. but try to do that with more size, and you're f'ed.

    i was told that he was having subscribers going into some pink sheet stocks as well, which are virtually impossible for regular people to short.