Tim Sykes BUSTS EDEN the street.com article pump-- NICE SHORT maybe

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  1. Can you short a $2 dollar stock ?!
  2. Yes. Although anything under 5 requires 100% margining.

    I know a fund that shorts pennies.
  3. looks like this thing is going sub 2----

    good luck!
  4. Tim always call on those penny stock that has no volume. I wouldn't touch anything like this. How much money can you make even if you are right?

    If you want to make real money, stick with APPL, GOOG, BIDU, MA, and RIMM. Better yet, futures.
  5. jazzsax


    You sound like stocktrader. Are you related?
  6. real money?? So timmay is trading monopoly money here??

    The guy is doing his thing, he has an edge is using it to make money.

    I guess people can't stop drinking the haterade.
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    Step 1: Sell short x shares of $2 stock.
    Step 2: Buy shares back at $1
    Step 3: 50% Profit
  8. the premise on this one looks strong to me. regardless of your timmmmmay bias, the guy is catching some hot movers.

    have a good weekend, surf
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