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  1. You may be proven correct, but for now, you're in the minority as about 98% of all the people who've read it love it. So, let's see how this plays out.
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  2. gov


    I don't know you and I certainly have nothing against you, though I will say that your cockiness in some random places I have seen does not reflect positively on you or your family.

    So, here is my detached view of what is happening here. You are hyping a book that alludes to your trading acumen, while simultaneously giving less than 100 percent to your fund (your claim to fame) all the while transitioning to a new career as a Kramer-lite. Hmmppf.

    A good friend of mine, Misha wrote like 3 or 4 reasonable books in the late 90's, early 00's and he could never trade his way out of a bag. He was never as lucky as you were, either. Have you even considered that you don't have a lock on the truth you are spreading? Or, I think it was Spock who said that truth is from one's own standpoint.

    Youth is wasted on the young, as they say. Wall Street is not very tolerant. A phone call here, a phone call there, and your opportunities will vanish, if I had to bet on it. TS puts, as it were.

    Your transition has unfortunately run off the road, and I think your luck has transitioned as well. Hope it was worth it.
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  3. Fuck it, Im am Famous but not Rich. I am flown all over the world to play clubs that most would only dream to enter. From IBIZA to the PLAYBOY MANSION.

    However, my trading is , average at best.

    Shit, I even follow Surf sometimes :>

    Just busting your ball Surf ;>

    Surf is correct. Every one has draw downs in the world of trading. It is the nature of the game. Some even blow out only to return twice as strong, as Surf and I know.

    But, I rather be Famous than Rich. You spend less money when your Famous ;>
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  4. Eloquent, succinct, and truthful.
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  5. Good observations, but, again, like everyone else who doesn't know the details, wrong.

    1. My trading is not luck, I play Penny Stocks that have very simple charts and these patterns repeatstime and again, whether my entries and exits are good or not. Take a look today SCON, CPSL, ZVUE, all my kind of plays to short when they reverse. I detail all these trades in my book so then you can judge me based on my actual trades.

    2. Since these hype plays last longer than anyone thinks, it's actually good for me to not concentrate 100% on these plays because the more I look at them, the more I want to short them and I'm usually always too early.

    3. Unlike every other finance book, mine is not to toot my own horn. In fact many people say I'm too hard on myself. I tried to be as painstakingly honest as possible and because of that, I knew my career on Wall Street was over the minute somebody read it.

    4. My fund's losses is due entirely to CYGT. The worst part is that this loss has also sucked my ability to take on much risk and so I haven't been able to play my Penny Movers the way I once did.

    5. The financial media industry is ripe for opportunity, it's funny how people look down upon me for taking advantage of this, but its just another opportunity, just like any other trade. So far my entry has been perfect, we'll see how the rest of the trade goes, but every day its looking better and better.
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  7. stock, you are without a doubt, the biggest poser here. I for one am completely and utterly tired of your bullshit... You are without any question what soever the biggest piker here. You said you "made tens of thousands " on EWZ (?) I call you out right here right now......yey GOOG and AAPL make new highs (do you participate?) doubtful...I will lay 25K on the line that you have ZERO at risk..You are the spokesperson of NOTHING. deal with that
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  8. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=97976

    Attention good people of ET: Please only converse with Tim on the above link, where the poll results of his months of spamming are widely available.

    Ever since Tim was bitch slapped, he has been able to change the thread where the conversation about him is to this one. He desperately runs from the truth of the ET poll. He should not be allowed to get away with that. Just as he deletes poor book reviews, he tried to bury the thread that contains people opinions. Don't let this spammer get away with it! Only converse with Timmay on the thread that has his book poll!

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  9. While I agree that you must have had 100s of successful trades, why do you think your story is so interesting to others?

    After all how many people with much more money at stake were blown out by "just one bad trade" after having stellar returns for years. You might think your juvenile personality adds flavor, it doesn't do much for me though. I think your story - at least the part you tell here on the board to water my mouth - is a dime a dozen. I am not in the least interested to know more about you, how you made money shorting penny stocks and then blew up buying restricted shares of some nobody firm.
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  10. As Tim was bitch slapped last week, don't allow Tim Sykes to bitch slap ET back by having the headline "Sykes article in Fiancial Times" run axross ET every minute. If Tim wants to continue pimping on ET, it should be in the thread which has 300+ respondents to the question "will you buy timmay's book?"
    Tim deletes poor reviews but says he's honest. Fine, let him stand up for himself in his book thread.

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