Tim Sykes Article in Financial Times

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  1. Check the monthly closing price of CYGT and when I say the losses have stopped, I mean the large losses. Sorry for not clarifying
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  2. Hi Tim, do you think this is a good place to buy CYGT? umm at 0.08, I think I could buy a lot of shares. and if it goes up by .02, I make more than 20%.. wow, that's crazy
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  3. Thanks for trying to be "brutally honest"; maybe a little "clarification" at your Amazon blog would now be appropriate.
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  4. Nah man, the main lesson of my book is to stick to stocks that are in play. Don't try to go for the seemingly easy gains in Penny Stocks because there's always something hidden
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  5. Man its a blog post, stop trying to critique every little thing I say and focus on the overall lessons
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    So much for Tim and honesty.
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  7. Honesty and snake oil don't mix.
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  8. Sykes Amazon Quote: "Yes, my hedge fund is off its highs, ....."

    ..."fund is off its highs"...

    That doesn't sound like a very precise description of the Sykes/Cilantro performance over the past few years?
    Maybe somebody can help Tim get the facts straight...
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  9. Yeah ok, I doubt you even believe that yourself. But hey, that's the life of a snakeoil salesman.

    Really, who do you think you're fooling? Focus on salvaging whatever is left of your fund if you are truly a trader and hedge fund manager. The last thing you want is publicity right now.

    I do think you're doing a good job of milking the gracious hand that was dealt to you, and if I knew you personally, I would give you some respect for it. Well, only if you were honest about the bullsh*t.
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    At the end of Wall Street Warriors, you sound upset when you mention how hard it is to raise money for young fund managers.
    Then you invest large chunk of your fund into illiquid and pink slip traded stock.

    And I remember you saying on one of the threads that you did it to impress your investors with good return. This is precisely why young people have difficulty and should have difficulty even with track record of turning 12k into 1.5 mil.

    Since you day trade a lot, I would recommend switching from stocks to futures.

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