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  1. I don’t think people hate you they just don’t like you. I am impressed with some of your trading stats but you seem to want special treatment. Like you were invited to a party and then told not to come. Your record was a losing record this year so you really never deserved the invite to start. You come off like the guy who got a free lunch then complained he could not take a bath in shit and eat the meal sitting indian style in the middle of the restaurant.
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  2. Of course some people don't like me, they don't know the details. Randall Lane mistakenly believes I'm not a hard worker and that my media appearances have hurt my trading. But he didn't read the book I sent him so he doesn't know my trade setups come about sparingly, all my losses are due to CYGT, and that I've long battled my addiction with overtrading and that my media appearances actually help my trading because they force me to focus on worthy plays.

    But he didn't want to try to understand all that and instead rushed to judge me, as many people seem prone to do. I leaked this argument because it's a shining example of how this lack of transparency causes harm.
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  3. Good points brokerboy; Looks like after Tim Sykes lost over a third of investors money, Trader Monthly needed to step in and re-evaluate their standards.
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  4. How did one position ruin your fund? You must have been balls-deep into this thing.
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  5. I am sure you have things to bring to the table to a lot of people on here. My problem is your screaming your great on your media appearances and your record for the year is whacked. I would agree walking away from the computer from 11 to 2 will increase most day trader’s profits though.

    Nobody cares about you in life but you and maybe your parents. You’re looking for outside people to be fair and read whatever you say but they don’t care about you and they don’t need to do it. If you make yourself more likeable you will notice people will like you a little more and not try to kick you whenever they can.

    Just my 2 cents
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  6. wat stantards??? :D
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  7. If you raised those points in your e-mail chat with Mr. Lane and were more professional, that argument or line of reasoning might have worked, but that is not what we all read. I wish you the best of luck but my advice, take media training to ensure you can put across the right image of who you are.
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  8. I think is worked well enough... who wanted to get into a shitty partay?? but, being mentioned in all the news outlets as a "HedgeKing" that was left out; oh man: that's PRICELESS...
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  9. Those are the exact points I put in my email, they just didn't print it because it's a gossip column.
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  10. Even after that one long position crashed; Sykes/Cilantro Fund continues to lose money this summer, down more during Aug/Jul 2007.

    Tim Sykes claims the losses have stopped; but truthfully losses continue right up to the present.
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