Tim Russert Dead @ 58

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  1. Just reported on the telly (Bloomberg).
  2. My favorite interviewer. He wrote a great book about his father. I will miss him Sundays and this election season.:(
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    I always enjoyed watching his interviews and roundtables. Not a drama queen like many of these media people are today. On the contrary, he held his profession and conducted himself in the highest regard.

    A decent human being whose time came far too early.

    May he RIP.

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    My thoughts exactly
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    Same here :(
  6. hcour

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    Yeah, he was a very likable guy. It's an even bigger shame that it happened now, during one of the most interesting, historical presidential races in years. You know he'd just hate to miss it.

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    One of the very best. An extremely sad day.
  8. He was my favorite Sunday morning guy, always put on a good show and a very likable man. He's wasn't much older than me, and he probably felt as young as I do. Makes one think.
  9. That was unexpected. He was getting a bit big for his britches, however. Probably one of the only journalists capable of causing a major pucker factor for the presidential candidates.

    Will leave a void to be filled. So many major journalists gone recently.
  10. no wonder this country is going in the shitter. russert spewed propaganda in a league of his own. my guess is he attended more than a few bilderberg meetings. he helped the oligarchs spread their death and destruction in illegal wars and you guys are getting misty eyed?

    i notice i was censored earlier... i guess i missed it in the TOS where it said thou must lick criminal boots.

    hey joe? next time you censor me.. have the guts to tell me why.
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