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  1. You are absolutely right. I have fully confirmed that the Shane Blankenship that you mention, and is partners with Timothy Morge in Market Geometry, did indeed declare bankruptcy, due to his wife’s medical bills. This obviously raises questions about Tim Morge as a teacher. Shane teaches the Market Maps class ($180 a month), and has been Morge’s protege since the 90s.
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  2. Maverick1


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  3. Dear Maverick,

    I was a member of Market Geometry, but came to your same conclusion, AND found evidence that contradicts what Mr. Morge has said publicly (routinely carrying 30+ Billion dollar positions). I will start a separate thread to address those findings.

    Timothy Morge (Market Geometry) is not who he claims to be, so please be careful. I also viewed the IB Webinars, where he claims to be among the 10 largest FX traders in the world, and to have three PHDs (Math, Physics, Economics). Through the Wayback Machine, I found he only has a Masters, NO PHDs, and Blackthorne Capital, his sovereign wealth fund which supposedly manages more than 100 Billion, had only less than 4 Million in AUM.

    You can view the real Timothy Morge here:

    I contacted Cynthia Tomain at Interactive Brokers, and Tim will never be allowed to speak there again.
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  4. Dead carguy0001,

    You are right, Mr. Morge runs it for profit, but many of his claims are entirely false.
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  5. Dear Fibronacci1618,

    I can’t thank you enough for posting Shane Blankenship’s bankruptcy. It led me dig further into Tim Morge (Timothy Morge), and Market Geometry. And find a lot of lies. Tim Morge claims: (1) to manage Queen Elizabeth’s wealth since 1991, (2) to manage Steve Jobs private offshore foundation, and to have been good friends with him, (3) to have been part of the comittee that created the EURO, (4) to manage Michael Dell’s fortune, (5) to have been an apprentice to Amos Hostetter at Commodities Corporation, while a teenager in high school, (6) being one of the 10 largest traders in the world, and at any time being among the 3 largest FX traders in the world, with positions as large as 100 Billion dollars.
    He also stated that he teaches graduate level students at MIT. I contacted MIT’s registrar, and attach their response (they have NO idea who he is). He also claims to have declined to be interviewed by Jack Schwager for the Market Wizards, and that he knew Schwager from Commodities Corporation. I attach Peter Brandt’s response. Jack Schwager has NO idea who Tim Morge/Timothy Morge is! Surreal...

    C636A24B-24D7-4A26-A7AF-5AB8EDD29862.jpeg FA969178-9313-4437-ABCA-5178A2AE42E5.png
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  7. Dear Gotcha,

    You are absolutely right. 9 minutes wasted is a LOT better than 3-5 years, and tens of thousands of dollars!
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  8. Almost forgot about this thread---hardly ever post on any forums at all.
    Good work, you guys figured it out. Will leave you with some really cheap advice that may save some $'s. In no particular order. Beware of the smartest guy in the room syndrome. Beware of the dead guy or reclusive guy trading methods. Beware of the name dropper guy. Beware of the new way to massage price method guy. Well, you get it. Really need to dig and verify before you shell out your $'s. PS. Alan Andrews of lived in a very small house in Florida which was torn down for redevelopment. Survived by teaching a course on median lines. At the time of his death left little or nonexistent estate. Hardly a wealthy market master. BTW---on my way to redeem a beer can, I found another beer can on the ground---100% ROR. If repeatable---ROR is scary good.
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  9. Hi!
    It was definitely a team effort (thanks to this forum). I simply pieced all together. A true investigation, and plenty of detective work, to find out who Timothy Morge really is! Did you know that you can claim to have 3 Phds to a crowd of hundreds, and there is NO way they can disprove it. Only the specific person, or an employer with official permission can access those records. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I found out the truth about this guy. He expected that information to be long gone, and probably had a heart attack when he saw it!
    Real traders like Peter Brandt are very skeptical of people like Timothy Morge, and that was the initial red flag. We did it! We uncovered a major con...
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