Tim Morge and the well-chosen example

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Maverick1, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. @themickey, truly relieved you are resting your case, finally. This thread was becoming an unhealthy obsession. Good Bye.

    @maxinger, I am glad as well. The main theme of this thread is for people to do their own due diligence before forking over thousands of dollars for a teacher/mentor ($25,000+ in the above case). Especially for hard working, regular folks, who may go through certain sacrifice to pay these fees. At least now, they can make an informed decision, and come to their own conclusions based on the information provided here, which was not available before, anywhere.
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  2. Banger00


    You have free material around the internet, so even with empty pockets I am able to look at the Tim's methods and determine if they are true/false or repeatable/random.

    People like you who are unable to test the tools, and unable to see for themselves, are the best, because they eventually leave all of their money in the market.

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  3. I am quite alright, but considering Shane Blankenship's recent bankruptcy, current teacher of Market Geometry's Market Maps, and Tim Morge's protege of 20+ years; he not only has tested the tools, he actually teaches them. Maybe he is "unable to see", and left all his money in the market, for savvy traders like yourself to take!
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  4. taowave


    I have no dog in this fight,but the one and quite possibly only point that Chipshot made that raises my Bullshit meter is

    Mr. Morge's Mentoring fees (12 Sessions) have now recently gone down from $25K to $19K. He is also offering Mentoring at 6 Sessions! ($10K), and his regular classes on a monthly basis! Instead of having to pay 6 months in advance. These are unprecedented changes, and most likely the result of the exposure.

    Why would a Sovereign Wealth Fund Manager, managing billions from the richest countries in the world, AND managing the wealth of royalty, suddenly lower his fees?

    What hedge fund manager,managing billions and supposedly knocking the cover off the ball,dicks around with mentoring and teaching?? And for arguments sake,lets say he is a master of the universe and want to "give back" and help others...I would hardly consider charging $25,000 for 12 sessions a gracious act of kindness.Its certainly not giving....

    I call bullshit on anyone, who claims to be managing billions profitably and at the same time is in the trading mentorship business to the tune of 25k for for 12 sessions..think about it..2% management on three billion,plus 20 percent of the upside??? Assuming 20 percent returns, hes banking 120 million in performance,PLUS 60 mil in management fees....Something is very wrong
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  5. Dear @taowave,

    He is not even managing billions. Only a few years ago, he is accepting new investors at a $10K Minimum! Which means that your "bullshit meter" should go through the roof, especially when Tim Morge claims to trade 10-30 Billion dollar FX positions throughout the Interactive Brokers webinars that have been posted online (and to have 3 Phds!). And to claim to be among the 3 largest FX traders in the world, at any point during the 24 hour trading window...


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  6. Bam123


    Tim will be leading a Workshop discussion at this year's Traders Expo event in Las Vegas.

    High-Probability Technical Trading Methods for Currency Traders
    November 13, 2018, 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm PDT
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  7. Dear @Bam123,

    It's a free country, and since you are searching for an answer, attending these events is probably not a bad idea. I think this thread has shown ENOUGH material, for people to come to their own conclusions.

    On a separate note, still impressed at The Wayback Machine:

    It's a such an excellent tool for research, and due diligence in general (and free). If you type in "www.marketgeometry", and just look back to 2013, you will see a radically different bio for Mr. Morge.

    I think this thread has successfully raised a lot of issues; I highly doubt it that Mr. Morge is "one of the world's largest currency traders" (2013 Bio), when in 2004, his fund is taking new investors at a USD $10K Minimum. @taowave made some logical comments above.

    Bio back in 2013, and the second screen shot is from today (2018):
    C5C24E22-AAE3-4298-B38C-B95BAE7572E8.png 433932EA-1C31-4B08-A4AC-9457053F358F.png

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  8. Bam123


    I’m just surprised Trader expo will even let him talk
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