Tim Horton IPO - Please take my online SURVEY - thanks

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  1. I am looking for your opinions about the upcoming Tim Hortons IPO, and possibly making an investment myself. Being a Canadian, I am particularly interested in the opinions of Americans who have visited a Tim Hortons restaurant in their local area. I know this company does great in Canada, but will it be accepted across the USA by the general public. Future growth in the USA will determine if this is a good stock to own or not.

    Please help me out with your opinions by taking my quick and easy 3 minute anonymous online survey located at this link:


    If you have never visited a Tim Hortons, but would still like to see the results of the survey, you may view the current results any time at this link:


    If taking the survey, please complete the survey BEFORE viewing the results.

    Also, post your comments here about the IPO. The initial price range is $19-$21. Where do you think it will open for trading? Will it open at double its IPO price (i.e. $40) like the recent Chipotle IPO? Is it a good long term buy at $20? At $30? At $40? I like it at $20 but don’t know about $40.

    Reasons I like the company - I think this company offers a good combination of products no other competitor offers in quite the same way. Their coffee is good and is less fancy and a better price than Starbucks. It won’t be a favorite with the upscale crowd, but blue collar guys should like it.

    The donuts are better than Dunkin Donuts (in my opinion). The lunch food is tasty (although a bit pricy). They are not dependant on donut sales for profits, only 10% of their profits come from donut sales, so they are insulated against low carb fads (unlike Krispy Kreme).

    The staff is friendly, and the entire place is always clean (including washrooms). They have drive through service, something Starbucks does not offer. And they are open 24 hours per day, often they are the only place open after midnight. For all these reasons, I like the company.

    Does anyone in the USA have any reports for us about the general level of business activity they have observed at a local Hortons location in the USA?


    It was originally founded as a coffee/donut shop in 1964 in Canada. The menu has expanded and they now Canada’s largest food franchise with 2500 locations, plus they have 280 franchises in the northeast USA. Wendys Hamburgers bought the company 10 years ago and is now spinning it off with an IPO.
  2. How much you get form each survey we fill out huh.....

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  3. I have been registered on these board for many years and have posted many times on many topics (check it out). Its not like I registered yesterday and started posting today.

    This is the first time I ever did a survey. The survey is for my personal use because I am thinking of making an investment in the stock. I am even sharing the results of the survey of others wish to make sue of these results.
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    It is still SPAM!
  6. How is it spam? There are polls posted on these boards all the time to collect opinions. Those are not called spam.

    Plus I am trying to engage in a debate about the IPO itself with others. I have posted my own feelings about the company and am asking what others think. That is not spam in my opinion, but call it what you want.
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    Do you have to sign up to see the results?


  8. no, they are freely available, just go to the 2nd link provided in the original post
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    I have a signup screen when i go to the 2nd link. I think you can see the screen because you have an account and it's logged in your browser cookie. I don't want to give away my personal information and email just to see the results of a survey.

    Maybe you can give us a summary of the results here with a post later...


  10. OK, try this link instead. This is the one they give me as being the one others can use without having to log in. Try this:

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