Tim Geithner declares war on the financials...

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by retaildaytrader, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. AK100


    He's a politician which means he'll say what the people want him to say. Actually doing of course is another matter......
  2. Lethn


    I think people really need to start checking up on how the politicians they vote for actually vote before really believing what they say. The old saying "Action speaks louder than words" is particularly true in politics :S
  3. $100 billion companies aren't defeated, even if the gov't declares war on them. They throw a shovelfull of money at it in the form of political contributions and lawyers to delay until a more friendly president comes along, then the whole thing blows over and goes away.

    I offer Microsoft as the most recent example. Threatened with the destruction of it's most profitable cash cow, MS delayed the trial for a decade by spending a couple dozen million dollars. That's about 4 hours revenue. And the whole thing went away. Microsoft had to what, publish its API. Wow.

    Just look at how many former Goldman Sachs employees go on to hold federal political appointments, and ask yourself if GS is really going to lose this war.

    GS will have some tiny, inconsequential, token restriction and it will be business as usual without so much as a hiccup. Bank on it.