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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by gjmason, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. gjmason


    Is anyone out there using tiki ( the net up ticks-downticks for the dow stocks) to time their emini trades?
    i watch for +24 and -24 before i take a position, and then after i wait for confirming indications.
    anyone else using tiki or developed a system inclusive of tiki?


    G. J.
  2. TICK ... instead ... when it goes to extremes intraday

    I look to fade the move ... all things being equal ..

    its not the holy grail but a good indicator to watch
  3. As I mentioned in another thread on the subject of TIKI...if you are going to design a "system" based exclusively on this indicator or on a combination of S/R and TIKI, TICK you had better make certain that we are in a range bound environment...Preferably one with less volume or less committment...The TICK and TIKI extremes we see occur alot of times during strong one way moves and if you are trying to fade the TIKI's you will get run over...If you watch that indicator, you will notice during the strong upthrusts and sell-offs, you will get 5-7 TIKI's in a row(5min chart) with little pullback and explosive upside moves...Just this past week, we say a number of 1000+ TICK readings...IMO, the game has changed...The market has alot of one way momentum...You need a flat market to really use the TICK, TIKI extremes with alot of success...Otherwise, I would look at them as exit signals instead...If you are long and you get a +1000 TICK or a +24 TIKI, sell into strength and vice versa...
  4. Rake


    Forgive my ignorance but can you explain what the NYSE Tick and DJ Tick are? And why this helps makes a trading decision?

  5. There's no law that says the tick can't go from 1000 to 100 and your fade never once sees the light of day. My 2 cents is, it is better to understand the tool you are using, then you can decide when and how to use it.
    The always systems never seem to always work for me.
  6. echo


    The TICK/TICKI is simply all the stocks that are up-ticking minus all the stocks that are down-ticking at that moment in time in the group.
  7. The Tick is dangerous to use all by itself. Look at today for example. A 15 minute chart of the DOW shows a classic bottom formation, then we got 2 nice up bars, and bam, the Tick is over 1,000. Then it stays over 1,000 for nearly the next 250 points up! Even trading off of a 5 minute chart, you didn't have much of a chance to sell short and exit for a profit.

    I would combine it with other indicators (RSI, MACD, etc) to confirm an overbought reading.

    If you're long, it would be a good sell indicator. Especially if it got to 1250 or higher. I hardly ever look at the Tiki. The Tick gives you a much broader feel.
  8. I think this guy trades based on the "TIKI" and the "PREM". They say it's more reliable for spotting the programs. I wouldn't know but I have heard from some guys I trust that his trade style works. Too complicated for me.

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