Tight Ranges

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Sarasota, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Any theories as to why Mondays for the last several months have been in a tight range?
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    The NQ's been fine on Mondays.
  3. The NQ had a range of 10 points today. In my opinion, that is dismal.
  4. Not only Mondays. Every day almost for the past year. This is due to low volatility that is due to everyone sitting on sidelens, and no major market moving mood existing. Because the war on Iraq is out of the picture, the dot com hysteria is gone and we are frankly living in very boring time right now as far as market dynamics is concerned. The world has gotten used to terrorist threat, so that is not a volatility factor either, save for a major terrorist attack or capture of UBL. That however will only cause a short spike. Until everyone licks up their wounds and forgets the roaring 90's and new bubble emerges, we may not see much dynamics in the market.
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    And last Monday it was 20. And 18 the Monday before that. Then 20, 24, 45, 25, 36 . . .
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    Wow, the 70 coalition troops and thousands of "Iraqis" who have died since April 1 might disagree with you on that.
  7. Because everyone is awaiting American Idol tonight!

    Either that, or the European Markets were closed today.

  8. Common man, even Al Jazeera and CNN dont report thousands of "Iraqi", hundreds. Iraqis, or fedayin and foreign fighters? I was not referring to an individual's political agenda and view of the world, but rather about the wall street perception of the market moving dynamics.
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    Actually, the AP story that I was reading reports over 700. I think it is fair to say those numbers are conservative, and a thousand is not much of a stretch.

    As for Wall Street perception, you may be right. But, if we have another week like last week, it might change quickly.
  10. I dont know about you, but I hope we dont have another week like this.
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