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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hamms, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. Hamms


    I've been reading the post's on this site for quite some time. A few VERY bright people here. Maverick, spect8tor, hello dollars, riskarb and my2cents come to mind.

    BUT this TigerO chick is an idiot. She HATES America and thinks that the torture of Iraqi's by Saddam was ok. PLUS she sux as a trader. Bet she drives a 1992 Jetta.
  2. Jimmie (James Stock) baby, please come home to mommy. It is again time to change your diapers. Don't be a spect8or this time, change em yourself.

    Please, please leave the good ET people alone.
  3. Bout time I was recognized for my intellect!

    And you obviously are quite bright yourself so you go ahead and add yourself to that list...;-)
  4. Tiger O is a GIRL???????????

    Where the hell IS this chick? Hey, Tiger, drop me a line. I'll have you purring in no time ;)

  5. TigerO


    Err, thanks for the fame et al, however fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, depending on perspective, I suppose, I am not a female, so, TO, I suppose you'll have to stick to MTC. :D


    PS, the only people who appreciate thugs like Saddam, the Taliban and an evil dictator who boils his victims to death is our very own cowardly Liar-in-Chief Dubya Bush, and his very own gang of thugs. Don't forget, this war had nothing to do with freeing the poor oppressed Iraqi people, this war was about WMD's, that Saddam was allegedly behind 9-11, and that Saddam had ties to Al Qaeda, none of which obviously had even an ounce of truth.

    Bush supporting the Taliban:

    Bush supporting an evil dictator who boils his victims to death:


  6. TigerO


    Very sad that MTC is so easily seduced to the dark side by a little flattery. :D
  7. Then how come this phuckin moron "Hamms" said you are a woman??

    Btw, awesome pics.

    as far as stickin anything in MTC... not sure if I feel like paying 18 years child support just to get my gun off a few times in some bimbo.

  8. TigerO


    Ahhh, maybe he has, umm, unresolved issues that need, err, addressing :D
  9. Hamms


    I just assumed that anyone as pink as TigerO just had to be a broad.
  10. TigerO


    I did try to make the color come out as red and not pink, that's what I typed in the URL code...:D

    Hmm, edit to say that on reflection it actually does look red enough to me, but then I have heard it said that I'm a bit color blind...:eek:
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