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  1. I hope it's OK to post silly things.

    I live not many houses from Wood's mom. They have a few houses and this one is not well know to reporters.

    My daughter's friend lives the next door. I wanted to find down what's going on but feel funny about it because I'm the type that respects privacy.

    The news is everywhere even on CNBC. This house is right across from a golf course so his dad could walk over to play. He is gone now and his Mom travels very often. I saw the house in florida on TV and it has tigers in front of the house. The same here so it's easy to identify Wood's belonging.

    I'm sad to see a good person like Tiger turned out not to be good at all.

    Enough for soap opera stuff. DIA formed a clear hammer today. I really want the market to go back to high a few days ago so people can shop more. Remember that not many people short stocks. We are traders, we do things differently.
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    Well said my martian friend. Well said.

  3. Turned out not to be good at all? B/C he went out and got some strange?

    Somebody once said, "a man is only as faithful as his options". Not saying I agree with that, but Tiger certainly had a lot of options.
  4. I'm tired of seeing these whiny, pretentious, gold-digging bitches on TV. Who really cares and why eat this shit up? There are more important topics that deserve our interest.(even though Entertainment Tonight doesn't believe so)
  5. If he is not happy with his wife then leaves her and he can play with as many women as he wants.

    He has 2 little kids and some day they will know about what their dad did, not good for them.
  6. the clues were there

    <img src = "http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/raccoon.jpg">
  7. Agreed, but lots of "normal" people pull even worse stunts than that.

    Hey at least he's not penetrating his own ass with foreign objects, or choking himself off in a closet..
  8. A new meaning to a hole in one. Its amazing and I am sure the line will be much longer than we can imagine. Unlike a Basketball player the golf season has alot of time in between events. 365 days a year minus 12 days or so. Thats alot of time on your hands.

    SHHH... Player on the greens.
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