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  1. I am an avid golfer who has pretty much followed Tiger's career from the beginning (it's hard not to if you pay attention to golf). I'll be the first to admit that I'm a Mickelson fan...fellow lefty so I've naturally followed him.

    My question is this, do any of you guys/gals who follow golf with a fair amount of consistency think that the perception of Tiger has changed forever? The reason I ask is because I felt like after watching him at the Masters things are different. The majority of the crowd gave him a warm welcoming and were cheering him on the entire week, but at the end of the day I got the feeling that no one is waiting there for him. Kind of like when he goes home, he enters an empty house. No real friends, no wife, no family.

    I think that his golf talent is most definitely admired and appreciated, but he as a human being is lonely and isolated.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Can't say I follow golf, but my opinion would be that whats happened to Tiger in the past months will most likely stick with him for years. He'll have to learn to accept it. Similar to Clinton and Monica lewinski.
  3. I think no matter how well of a golfer he is, people will never forget what he did, but he is still going to get PAID so he don't give a shit- that my opinion... I feel sorry for his wife.
  4. Eh, what am I missing here? Elin is dull; the other girls looked a helluva lot better. He also made $110 million last year; this golf thing is just a silly hobby. I gotta say Elin is one dumb bitch, then again she's nothing more than a golddigger anyway.
  5. I'm guessing you didn't get many rounds in last year : )

    I'm a huge Tiger fan and have watched the whole thing unfold with dismay. In answer to your question, when he breaks Jack's record (not if, but when) they'll say 'Yes, he has the record... but he's no Jack Nicklaus'. That's permanent.

    The short memory effect will kick in and he'll be able to regain some of what he's lost. In 5 years he'll have more endorsement $$ than he has today. Winning counts for a lot.

    The vicious backlash against him wasn't exactly surprising. Had this been Phil Mickleson, there wouldn't have been any banners being flown over Augusta last week. Guaranteed.

    I've always suspected that Tiger isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, all his ridiculous talents aside. It just defies belief that he ever thought this could end in anything but a huge train wreck. I mean, text messages to porn stars? Boffing her while his wife was in the maternity ward?

    I just want to get back to watching him win at a ridiculous rate and march towards the two records (total wins and Jack's majors).
  6. Let's see - he is fairly young, in good physical shape, at the top of his profession, makes shitloads of money, and has repeatedly fucked at least a dozen fairly hot women in the last couple of years. Call me strange, but I'm struggling to see the downside here...

    Tiger's only problems are i) he got married whilst living in a country with feminazi divorce laws ii) he actually seems to think he did something wrong by pleasuring the numerous young sluts that threw themselves at him iii) he cares about what a bunch of fat underachieving losers and 3rd rate bloggers/gossip columnists/failed journalists say or think about him.

    Once he gets divorced, he should just stay single and have fun, like George Clooney. No wife, no kids, no problems.
  7. I am also an avid golfer and follow the game as well. Little to early to tell how the overall response of fans will be down the road. I suspect by years end this will be history, assuming he doesn't blow up completly. That's doubtful judging from his performance during the Master's. You could see a little rust from the lack of playing competitively, but the guy is still a machine.
    Bottom line, once the wife and kids leave, he'll destroy all comers for the next 5 years, maybe 10.
    That said, he's an arrogant prick who got too much fame, too soon. Never had a chance to mature gracefully. He still has the personality of a 16 year old with all the money in the world, people kissing his ass all day, and a bevy of chicks at his beckon call. He'll survive as will the game.
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    He should have done like Letterman, not made a big deal out of it
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    One thing i hope he does is clean up the swearing after bad shots, and the temper tantrums on the course. The reason this bugs me so much is because when i was young i used to get a membership at the course every summer, and my buddy who i golfed with had the same personality, every single time he hits a bad shot he slams his club around and swears, it ruins the game for everyone else, and it is particularly frustrating to see someone do this now that im a weekend golfer, i will never understand the mentality of people who go around thrownig hissy fits every tmie they hit a bad shot in golf. It reminds me of some of the traders at my old prop firm who would whine and cry all day every snigle time they took a loser. It totally ruined the atmosphere in the room for the rest of the people, and when you were having a bad day you just wanted to go in and drop the guy.
  10. I completely agree. I am also a Lefty fan - because I'm a lefty and he's the best lefty!
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