Tiger Woods isn't the only one. Obama's affairs haunting him.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. M Jared

    M Jared

    Birthers,Teabaggers,Palin supporters,Racists,Rush and Beck supporters,Larry Sinclair supporters....Thanks to you Obama gets re elected in 2012

    What happened to Reagan's Republican party ?:(
  2. dsq


    they went kkk
  3. So you actually believe anything a professional con man says, just because you <i>want</i> it to be true?

    Well, if you really lack a functioning bullshit filter, I have a very special offer for you: The Holy Grail to infinite trading profits really exists, and I'm the one who discovered it. Wire me $100,000 and I'll share it with you.
  4. M Jared

    M Jared

    I hope you are prepared for the "worse" because white people will soon be the minority

    I hope you are prepared for a long rule from the democratic party as thats who the brown and black people vote for
  5. dsq


    Too bad nobody asked or cares if you signed on or not.Brown people were here long before your ignorant ass or family came here.Perhaps you should get the hell out.Go live in iceland or japan for race purity.
    You signed on to the gop organization?They represent anti-freedom.They are as exclusionary,communist and elitist as it gets.The gop has become a proxy lobbyist agent for corporations and trolls out platitudes to its sad,ignorant electorate-like you and teabaggers.

  6. Well if they aspire to the kind of prosperity dominated by the white middle class they will be sorely disappointed.
  7. jem


    your comments manifest an ignorant rant.
    The GOP was the party that freed slaves, gained women the right to vote and were proponents of the civil rights act which the Democratic party was against.

    So the next time you feel like insulting the members of the Gop with your slurs get an education first.
  8. Ricter


    I thought the jews were supposed to be the arch-capitalists of the world. You mean they are actually commies, giving away their wealth now, believing "property is theft"?

    Oh, will the light brown people be considered the same race as the well tanned people, for race war purposes I mean? Would we use a light meter to sort that out, at the war's beginning?
  9. dsq


    Thats right the gop WAS ,you idiot.

    Today they are the party of racists like the kkk,teabaggers,white militia groups(tim mcveigh et al).Its amazing how none of these racists ever affiliate themselves with the democrat party or liberals.Strange aint it?You moron.
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