Tiger Woods is killing it

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  2. Good. Because Pro Golf is just nothing without him. What a bore. Bunch of guys who look alike, swing alike, whatever. I enjoy watching Tiger kill it, since '96 as a matter of fact.
  3. Tigers game is pretty easy to fix. What was he doing a lot of (according to the tabloids) during all the years he was winning, and what has he probably stopped doing during the last year that he has been losing? Since he just got divorced, he can now go back to doing what he was doing a lot of when he was winning!
  4. Wife was a 10.
  5. It'll be a while before hearing a commentator say: "Tiger Woods struggles to come from behind" doesn't make me laugh".
  6. I disagree. Sexy, no question. But with his money and fame I think there are hotter possibilities for him.
  7. Yeah I really don't think she's all that either.
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    lol. I think he was referring to the song.
  9. Give him a break - his mental defects are well documented.
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