Tiger Woods fined

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  1. Tiger Woods was finally fined for spitting on the green.

    The first time I ever saw that bastard play, he hocked up a big one and spit on the green and I've hated him ever since.

    My wish didn't quite come true because they should have killed the no good bastard.

    In all the years that I played golf, I never, ever saw anyone do that but him.
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    Wow, who cares. I went to golf tournaments when I was a kid and saw the "pros" swear their heads off and throw clubs. The funniest, and I can't remember his name buried his club in a tree, and then blew his stack again when he couldn't get it out. You don't normally see that crap on TV because it doesn't promote the game. Cripes Tiger is one of a load of pro athletes and supposed idols who screw everything that walks, but if it doesn't make the news everyone still idolizes these morons. C'mon, because some guy can play golf and not get caught you think he is a great guy? Get your head out of your ass. Too many of these people, male and female love the idolatry we throw at them and think they are holier than thou and do whatever they want. Kind of like most politicians that people love to vote for and claim they are great people. Kind of like the Kennedy's and the dirt bags they are going back to Papi Joe who bought his kids way into politics. Then we go along with the b.s. and throw labels on it like "Camelot". Get a grip, enjoy a good golfer, football player, etc, but don't extend to these idiots hero status and encourage your kids to want to shell out cash for the garbage they sell because they endorse it.
    Man, idol worship ticks me off. And morons that buy into crap because someone says it so really tee me off.
  3. Tiger is now an average Joe. He was one shot off the lead heading into Sunday. His entire career up until a year and a half ago...he was a lock to win in this situation. I wouldn't have to watch Sunday.

    Look at these stats. He's played 24 rounds at Dubai. Yesterday was only his second round over par...and it was a Sunday with a win on the line. This is the first time he has ever finished outside of fifth place at Dubai.

    At Torrey Pines two weeks ago, Tiger shot two over par rounds on Saturday and Sunday. Woods has won the Torrey Pines event six times, including four in a row from 2005 to 2008. His only other round over par was a 77 in 2002, when he tied for fifth. His previous worst finish there was a tie for 10th in 2004. He finished 44th this year.

    Tiger is a shell of his former self.
  4. You guys need to hit a shot to the green and then pick up your ball out of a hocked up green oyster.
  5. I was watching the dubai event and the announcers were openly gloating when Tiger hit his wedge into the water on the last hole.

    I wouldn't count Tiger out, but he really needs to swallow his pride and go back to Butch Harmon.
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    best advice I have heard.
    I wondered if it is pride or, its because tiger's knee will not allow the old swing.
  7. At this level of play if your head isn't right, you're done, and Tiger's head is a mess. He got himself exposed for what he really is, or was, and it wasn't pretty. He's too young to count out forever, but he's toast for awhile.
    One of the better meltdowns. Woody Austin:
  8. Idol worship, i dont know when it comes to golf........every amateur golfer knows it's about too many brewskies and barfing, somewhere, at some point, while playing. Golf.
    Not sure why the elite get paid so much when average joe golfer spends more time at the 19th hole.