Tiger shrimp, the best market to trade!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bsparkyman, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    WOW!...look at this...the least risky emini to trade is the...)drum roll please :eek: )...the NQ emini Nasdaq...let me explain...I am basing this off the ATR average true range per day and potential loss of 1 contract traded per day...
    Okay here we go:

    MOST RISKY: ER2...ATR is 10.67 and (greatest)loss would be $1,067

    VERY RISKY: ES...ATR is 11.63 and (greatest) loss would be $581.50

    RISKY: YM...ATR is 98 and (greatest) loss would be $490.00

    LEAST RISKY: NQ...ATR is 21.39 and (greatest) loss would be $427.80

    ...we'll very interesting...what do you think?....very surprising...yes, very surprising...I would really take this to heart as you are beginning to trade emini's...of course this is my opinion...what do all of you think???
  2. Notice the inverted pinto formation at the end of dec? Classis shrimp trading...
  3. Compare that to shrimp you noob!!!!

  4. increasenow, do you also sell an enhancing lubricant for males on late night am radio?

  5. I believe Red Lobster manipulated the contract out of existance. You had to pre-arrange an appointment to get trades done there.
  6. Damn the all you can eat shrimp feast!!!!! They canned a chick over that promotion.
  7. l--o--ngostino lobster is where the real action is.