Tiger Should Find Jesus?

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by loza, Jan 5, 2010.

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    What an absolute ASS!!! I guess Hume had not heard of karma, which is simpler that the Xtian hocus pocus, and works! not like the jesus mumbo-jumbo forgive me, forgive you CRAP!
    He puts all Christians in the bad spot and FOX laps it up! Fucking jerk offs...

    Oh I bet all the sponsors will come back begging once he converts to Jebus.....
  2. Dear Tiger,

    I could give conclusive proof that Jesus Christ was a scratch golfer. He was adept at finding lost golf balls: 'Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find' (Matthew 7, 7), but he did occasionally fluff a drive: 'And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth' (Mark 4, 5).

    He must have managed the occasional hole in one: 'Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy' (Luke 6, 23), but has compassion for the poor wretch who takes thirteen at a par four hole: 'Wherefore comfort one and thee with these words' (Thessalonians 5, 18). if your opponent has the temerity to ask if he may borrow a club: 'Give it to him that asketh thee' (Matthew 5, 42).

    Finally, he was not a slow player: 'Look behind, I come quickly' (revelations 3, 11).
  3. Since when is Brit Hume = Fox News?

    1. Tiger did nothing to "all Christians".

    2. You a fan of MSM and a Fox News hater?
  4. I would tell Tiger to find Al Gore.
  5. Tiger's problems are that he is married and has always been a role model for "clean cut, overachiever".

    In reality, he's a horndog like many "sports players"... if he weren't married, nobody would give it a thought.

    If Elin is pressing for divorce, Tiger should just suck it up, settle up, and get back to golf... refusing to answer questions about his personal life.
  6. It just keeps getting worse for poor old Tiger, the New Vanity fair which was supposed to come out next month which he shot before this whole mess will have this picture of him on the cover looking like one of the thugs off those lockdown specials. Cant be good for his already tainted image.
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    I vomit when FOX is on at work....worst propaganda piece since Goebbels....
  8. Unlike Tiger, I don't think Jesus could hit a 1 iron cleanly. I think it's Jesus that needs to find Tiger.
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    Maybe that's who he was looking for...

    inside all those bimbo's panties.
  10. Fox is a long-playing Right Wing infomercial. How they get away with including "News" in their name remains a mystery.
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