Tiger Gags Another Week End

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  1. 4, 3-puts on Saturday? He's putting like a rag.... trying to succeed with bad technique. (Not to mention his erratic driving... and more.)

    I'm not a golfer now (played some as a kid), but a former professional bowler.. so I know something about "sending the ball (putt) to the apex".

    Best deal he could ever make would to be to pay me a few $Million to straighten out his putting...

  2. Lucrum


    Maybe he's trying to putt with the putter his ex wife beat the shit out of him with.
    Or was that a 9 iron?
  3. Brass


    You two are just a couple of dog-whistlers out for a stroll, eh?
  4. Lucrum


    No one mentions or even hints at race or skin color. What a pathetic life you lead gabby.
  5. Brass


    Neither of you had to. That's the "dog-whistle" part. Scat has already pummeled Woods in the past for his conduct during games, even when he won. (Seriously?) As for you, you are a bona fide racist that no sheet can hide, regardless of stitch density. And, naturally, here you are. You think you're clever, but you couldn't be more transparent. Pathetic indeed. You don't even have the courage of your own convictions, diseased as they may be.

    You're both just a couple of tumors pissing in the wind.
  6. Lucrum


    You just arrogantly and ignorantly assumed it huh? What a pathetic life you lead thunderpussy.
  7. :D :D
  8. Brass


    Assumed? Bullshit. Anyone remotely familiar with your post history sees you for the racist you are. And you don't even have the courage of your own convictions, diseased as they may be. You only punt from the margins and shadows when your intentions are clear to anyone with a functioning brain. Pathetic indeed. But then, most racists are cowards sporting a hole where there should otherwise be some semblance of self-esteem.
  9. Lucrum


    Back at ya.
    Sounds like more assumptions and mind reading on your part...oh....and you don't have a functioning brain.
    Everyone not a closet homo flaming liberal like yourself is presumed by you to be a racist. It's means nothing to the rest of the world Gabby.
  10. Barry Soetoro: talks about the sins of "the typical white person"

    Joe Biden: glad the party "finally found a black man that is clean and articulate to run for president"

    Harry Reid: so happy that Barry "doesn't speak with a negro dialect.....unless he wants to"

    The three top liberals in the United States.
    Could we please ask liberals to stop lying, I mean pretending, no it really is lying, that they care about racism?

    The truth is they are commies and mostly atheists who will say absolutely anything, just like a muslim, to achieve their objectives.
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