Tiger baloney speech

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    Give me a break! I get how much revenue he generates for golf, but really do they need to interupt everything for him. What a farce. He's a frickin athelete, not a priest, or someone of any importance. What a joke, he tried selling a phony personality and got caught in his lies, get over it, move on, and don't give these clowns anymore importance. This is hilarious, with the loving huggy session at the end. I'll take it for the joke it is and laugh my ass off. Kudlow loved it, as he can relate. Maybe he can go on a coke binge while Tiger lines em up and tries for the Guiness book of world record orgasms in one day.

  3. Tiger should have just said, "yeah I f*cked em, I was in the moment, it was messed up", turned to Ellen and said "here is your half", and moved on......
  4. he sounded like a pussy

    he should have just admitted he liked strange and told em all to gft, that they were just racists
  5. seen any priests on tv publicly apologizing for screwing alter boys lately?
  6. So stupid. You think he is sorry? He liked it and was consensual. He only should apologize to his wife for not telling her it is ok for her to have many lovers TOO. Why apologize to the whole world? Is not thier business.
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    Just trying to get the revenue machine engaged again. He's far too young to hang it up. All the people he hugged have an interest in the revenue machine. Possible deals pending with KY jelly, Trojan and Cheaters TV.
  8. You'll always be a better trader than he could ever be. :)
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    Lol, no, but that wasn't my point. The point was he just another clown athlete that sold an image, but the reality he's just an athlete, not someone in a position that projects a safe haven, as a priest, or someone else in a position of power using it to abuse others. He just used his status to screw anything that moved, but they sure is heck weren't going to him because he was a person that could held sway over their lives and used it to harm them. It was a mutual screwing, and his wife and kids are the only ones that didn't get pleasure from the screwing. Hopefully she didn't catch any diseases.
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    I guess I'm just tired of people holding up athletes, and hollywood losers as people to idolize. One after another parades around acting holier than thou and lo and behold they get caught doing any number of things. For those that idolize old time athletes and hollywood putzes, get a clue. The drugs have changed, but picking up hookers or screwing around have been around forever.
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