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  1. June 5th was the beginning of the decline for TIE, but it seems to have hit bottom, and looks really attractive on a 60 minute.. this stock is worth 30-33 imo.

    Its worth at least looking at :D

    - Nathan
  2. Just my opinion, I think you're totally wrong. Yes the stock looks strong because it finally crossed the 8 MA. I think there's too many levels that it has to break to make that kind of prediction. I see levels at 26.40, 27.50, 28.50, and 30. I see it reaching 25.69 and bounce off the 15 MA and coming back down.
  3. skyasa


    It was Excellent timing CashMoney
  4. May 11th was the begining - presplit. TIE has been in parabolic free-fall since. I will run some TA on it early next week to see where I think the resistence will really be.

    I think it will come back but not until the overall market returns. Until then, the ones that went up the fastest will come down the fastest.
  5. I'm not sure if you're being serious or being sarcastic.

    I bought tie at 24.72, sold at 26.90.
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    I am serious. I got 20 Calls at Jul strike 30 at .20

    Last traded at .45. Couldn't expect better than this...
  7. I bot the Aug 30 calls at 1. Closed at 1.90. looking for a quick pop next week
  8. Well in that case, congrats. We're probably one of the few who made money on a down day of 106.94.