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  1. what the hell is going on with this release? every single day it was posponed and now apparently it has been released yet the download page has disappeared on the site.. just pathetic

    scarey if you're going to rely on it..

    I'm moving on..
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    it worked with me without problems (you need to register first).

    go to the destination where you want to have the files, then:

    svn checkout https://wush.net/svn/tickzoom/trunk/TickZoom tickzoom

    (tickzoom is the name of the folder where the files will be located, so you could also give it a different name)
  3. aha.. will do

    how did you find it? any good?

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    btw, you need to install the svn stuff first, as described on the homepage. but you don't need the gui, you can manage it from the console window too, e.g. as the command above.
  5. I'm not familiar with SVN what is it? what's the point of using it or distributing through it?
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    if you're familiar with tickzoom let me ask you a question. can you describe it's database architecture? i.e. where exactly are the tick data stored and recalled from? data file?

    can all the sources be loaded up and run in visual studio ?

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    svn is a version control system, different users can contribute their changes, new code etc., while all historical files and changes are maintained and are replicable.

    for a brief introduction:


    i haven't looked at tickzoom in detail yet, but the first impression is quite positive!
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    batman, sorry i don't know, i even don't use windows, so i have to look whether i can run it using mono or otherwise have to organise a pc first.
  9. I'm the author. Just please be gracious as it is clearly on the site that this is "alpha" testing.

    The database architecture is very simple and must be improved. Let me be specific.

    What is awesome is that it is EXTREMELY fast to load and write tick data. That means 10s of millions of ticks on mere seconds.

    It reads ticks directly from the file in binary intro memory with a little compression on disk.

    None of the object or relational databases tested or researched could even touch that performance because they add both CPU and data overhead which severely increases the processing time and storage space required.

    The downside at the moment is that it only looks at one file at a time and the GUI is simplistic so you can't change files in the GUI. I just rename the file I want to use in the file system.

    Plus, it does a "sequential scan" to find the time range you want

    I personally converted the 5 years of tick data for USD/JPY that I had into TickZOOM format and use that for historical testing.

    Also, you can collect much better quality tick data from MB Trading (if you use them) with the TickZoom server if you wish. TickZOOM binary format includes bid/ask, last trade, size, 5 levels of DOM, etc.

    Yes. But I don't know if anyone has tried. I use SharpDevelop 3.1 which runs off .NET 3.5 but we target .NET 2.0 for compatibility with Mono.

    Everyone says they're compatible.

    Let us know.

  10. Sorry about that. It's fixed now.

    The site admins goofed it up for a while when they were fixing a separate issue that forced everyone to log in twice.

    It was something related to redirecting to tickzoom.org instead of www.tickzoom.org

    Anyway, I had the same issue you mention and it seems to be find now.

    Alpha testing does require some patience so it is understandable if people lack the time and prefer to wait till after beta.

    It will be much better at that point.

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