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  1. why was my post deleted?

    I asked a simple question- what database engine will this be running on?

    why on earth would you delete this thread? what's going on at ET?

    really and honestly don't piss me off.
  2. byteme


    My guess is, the thread was removed for one of the following reasons:

    1) TickZoom has become vaporware - I can't see the source code on the site and the announced release date has passed (the date was moved several times)
    2) Licensing has some commercial aspect to it, therefore, it is against ET policy to post about it here.
    3) People had enough with all of the TickZoom hype and spamming that was going on and complained to the ET moderators.

    Of course, I'm only guessing. I had a thread deleted the other day without explanation but I guess it was because I linked (innocently) to a commercial product.

  3. byteme


    It seems that TickZoom threads are moved over to the "Trading Software" forum rather than being here in the "Automated Trading" forum.
  4. ok tnx for the info.
  5. Interesting, I just found the thread here in Automated Trading.

    It has it's own data storage method which is far better than any "database" for 2 reasons.

    1. Tick data is very small number of bytes. When stored as a "row" or "object" it incurs overhead in the database that is larger than the tick and drastically increasing the space required for the data which is already quite large anyway.

    2. TickZOOM reads it's data direction from the file into memory as binary. So it's extremely fast. It can load millions of rows (ticks) of data in mere seconds. Every database solution tried can take drastically longer. Object databases are the fastest at between 10 to 30 minutes. Relational DBs can take hours or days.


    EDIT: The TickReader and TickWriter have source code so if someone wants to try other storage methods, be my quest. We're planning, at some point, to either use TREE or something like it for more complete solution to tick storage.
  6. Mostly correct. Some clarification.

    Well, since the original date of end of December, it has moved several times until 25th of this month. That date seems firm. We'll see.

    Incorrect. This was discussed. Including with the administration of ET.

    TickZOOM (once released) will continue to be free for the foreseeable future so we have permission to discuss it.

    Partially true. People enjoyed the technical discussion but complained about all the licensing discussion which got off topic for the original threads. That makes sense. And I apologize to anyone for going off topic in the past. We'll try to keep this thread on the OP's topic of database for TickZOOM.

    You guessed quite well.
  7. TickZOOM was released at www.tickzoom.org

    Check the install or download instructions.