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    Does anyone use tickquest? I would like to have some feedback from people who use it before I make a decision to take a subscription.

  2. I assume you are referring to our product NeoTicker,
    which is the only product we have available on both
    lease and outright purchase payment methods.

    I will let our users post their own opinions :)
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    Dear Flapus,

    I have been using neoticker realtime by tickquest for four months and am very delighted. I think its easily the most powerful trading platform available at this price. Its is totally customisable and includes two programming languages plus a simpler formula language for non programmers like myself. Prior to using tickquest I used updata (for UK customers only) and then switched to realtick , then to linnsoft investor RT and finally neoticker. Of the above platforms linnsoft and neoticker are the most feature packed. Linnsoft is an exceptionally comprehensive package but what dissuaded me from continuing to use the linnsoft product was that some of the indicators were imprecise and the charts were not as clear as I used in realtick. I have found nothing to complain regarding the indicator precision of neoticker and in my subjective opinion charting is crystal clear.

    I am writing this in the intolerably humid heat of an unusually warm English summers day, and the last thing I feel like doing is producing a long essay backed up with quotes and sources to support the above assertions. So I suggest you try it for yourself to see if you like it, because you may not in fact need that amount of power. But for someone like myself who is actively engaged in financial research and backtesting data over decades, it is certainly a very nice tool to have.

    With kind regards,

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    One of the best packages I've used! Easy to use, flexible, complete, great import and export features, plenty of "canned" functions, VB and Pascal language capabilities, handles stocks and commodities, etc. What else do you need? Fantastic!
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    Sorry gang, I misspelled NeoTicker.
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    In the past I have used Metastock, Qcharts, RavenQuote and TradeStation. After having been through the incompetence of Qcharts management, the assorted *******'s at Trade Station and the RavenQuote folly, I decided to look for some software that did not lock me into

    a specific data\quote service
    a specific broker
    a monthly lease fee
    a specific vendor/guru
    a software with limited features

    NeoTicker fit the bill, and then some. I have owned and been using NeoTicker since last October. Not one regret. The software does have a little bit of a learning curve to it, more so than some of the others. (for me at least) But it is well worth the minor effort it takes to learn it.

    The purchase price has gone up considerably since I purchased it, but after having used it I would still buy it at its current level. (which has come down a bit) For those who may not last 6 months, their lease rate is more competitive than most. Even if you blow out your account, you could still afford the EOD version!

    I probably only utilize about 5% of NeoTicker's features and capabilities as my software needs are pretty basic. However, If you're an indicator or programming freak you'll be in trading software heaven. I couldn't program if my life depended on it, but I am able come up with whatever I want by using the custom formula indicators, quote sheets, tapping in to Lawrence's brain, etc.

    Customer service is the one of the best in the industry. Every one of my questions (even the idiotic and simplistic ones) were always addressed quickly and professionally. They were with me all the way to its successful conclusion. They have a Yahoo users group with many knowledgeable users. (as well as Tickquest staff)

    The boys at Tickquest have actually made a trade or two in their lifetime and are on the cutting edge of trading software innovation. One of the very few vendors that earns/deserves some of your trading profits.
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    I have been with Tickquest for 9 months and found the guys at Tickquest to be very knowledgeable and extremely helpful/responsive in resolving any issue from ... how to, bug fixes and future enhancement. The SDI interface is simple which i prefer not cluttered with a million gadgets ... any window on any monitor its really productive. The charts and quote sheets are highly configurable about the best looking I have seen. Performance is amazing you can monitor hundreds of symbols tick by tick and CPU usage is negligible. Under the hood NT has some very powerful programming capabilities which can be used to drive indicators and drawing objects. Formulas support is very powerful for the non-programmers. NeoTicker is a super bargain at $1000 I would pay many times that and still be a very happy customer. In summary most powerful, most affordable, best supported charting software by far.

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    I pay $ 150 for 3 months of usage (ie $50/month) which is the cheapest platform I have personally used so far, and the most powerful too. 1 years lease is cheaper still at $480/ year, and a permanent license is available for $1000.


  9. I've used the software on a trial basis. It's the best analysis software I've ever seen, but it's relatively new and need improvements. One complaint about its chart: the numbers on chart scale is not in rounded. Suppose the price is around 3000, the scale could be 2984, 2999, 3014..., instead it should be 2980, 3000, 3020.... Hope they would fix it in later versions.
  10. The labeling issue was taken care of in 2.9

    Maybe you can try double-clicking the label area to change
    the default method to a way you like :)

    Actually, after you try out the possible combinations,
    you can give us some feedback if you would like
    to see even better improvements.

    We always welcome user suggestions.

    We've incorporated our users suggestions and
    adding new features consistently to address
    our clients need. That definitely make NeoTicker
    better on every release :)
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