Tickmill now UK licensed?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by pipeguy, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. pipeguy


    Got notification from them today that they have received FCA license (to be precise opened UK entity which in turn got FCA license).
    Does it mean additional protection for Non-EU and UK clients?
    Wud really appreciate your opinions.
  2. Humpy


    Could ask them ?
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  3. Reed664


    Can i ask you, how does that work when you open an account with a broker like Tickmill
    that's from Seychelles do you have to pay taxes on Seychelles? or just on your country of
    origin? Thx.
  4. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    As Humpy says. Ask them (or the FCA).

    The benefits of full authorised status for consumers are well documented. You could even look at the FCA website.
  5. pipeguy


    If you open under their UK entity then I think taxes should be paid to local tax agency.
  6. pipeguy


    Yes I asked their customer service and they said that all clients from the list of allowed counties are under FCA protection.
  7. doggyfx


    What about leverage restrictions? Is it also applied to this broker?
  8. pipeguy


    Yes as they are now FCA regulated they also subject to the regulator's rules. No more life for gamblers and risk-hunters :)
    So what is your experience with their UK branch? or you still their on Tickmill SC?
  9. pipeguy


  10. doggyfx


    Play as many as you want. Are you sure you are able to show +500% or more ROI in a month without some crazy trades :)?
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