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    I have a question regarding ticket averages, defined as gross profit per thousand shares traded.

    Basically, I was wondering what a standard ticket average is for are all different levels of traders:

    1. new trader with no experience (must be around zero)
    2. trader with 6 months to a year of train of trading and training.
    3. trader with two years of experience and training
    4. veteran trader who makes a 6 figure living at this

    As a followup question, what would be typical volume in shares per month traded for these traders?

    Please let me know what you think a ballpark figure is for each. Clearly, it depends on style as well, i.e. some traders might settle for smaller ticket average but trade huge volume.
  2. profitable scalper is 5 to 6 averaged over 6 months -1 year. maybe as hi as 15 at times, but probably averages to about 5-6.

    i didn't believe this at first, but it seems to be the case, irrespective of whether I trade a more volatile thin stock like ma/fslr for 40-50 cent moves, or trade citi for 2 cents.

    interesting huh.

    (person who first told me this has access to hundreds of accounts over many years, and even went as far as to say that profitable intraday swing traders had these averages if you looked at their results over the course of multiple years)
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    really? Someone told me that 10 was considered low. He didn't specify what type of trader this was for. If 5 or 6 is the norm, that's just barely covering fees, costs, right?
  4. lol, i wasn't going to post this but now i guess i will.

    "Now that you know its 5-6, a lightbulb may or may not have gone off in your head depending on your situation; "gee whiz, how am I supposed to net money if its 5-6 when I have to overcome 8"

    the easiest answer is lower your costs

    good luck

    (and i'm not trying to discourage you in any way. just ask yourself, and take a good look around, and see if you're happy with whatever ticket ave you got. if so, great. i'm happy for anyone who can have some miraculous multi year 35 ave. But if you aren't that guy, and you're unhappy, you should ask yourself why.)
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    i actually haven't started trading yet. I'm merely trying to evaluate an offer from a firm and try to figure out what is a reasonable income doing this after different lengths of time.

    thanks for your responses.
  6. well if you've never traded, don't take my advice to seriously (not because it isn't true)

    if you'll be backed, and they want to charge you 15 bucks a ticket, just do it and get this part of your learning over with. don't listen to all the scum bag owners out there that say something like, "why don't you just do this on your own" right from the beginning thats retarded.
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    ok, but realize that it's because i've never traded that i'm asking this question. I'm trying to figure what is a reasonable ticket average for different levels, and from that i can figure out what i'll be able to walk away with.