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  1. Anyone have anything to do with this outfit

    Pricey: Pemium package includes Airfare and Hotel for $18K; They are in California I think.

    Standard package includes Software; Online courses; and some live help. Around 5K.

    Any feedback??
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    There are riches to be made with this company, provided you are the CEO. These people should get a real career (maybe they should start trading). For 18K does it come with a Rolex, and a beach front home in California?
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    $18K WOW.
  4. Makes the basic package at 2K down and a 2/3 hundred a month seem like such a good deal.:)
  5. Son, everything that is not free is FRAUD! Don't get sucked in no matter how good it sounds!
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    Transact & Zen Fire both provide free live data, and through some brokerages free charting software. Must be great selling data and software.

  7. Avoid. And I am sure their website (if they had one) had pix of hot cars, hot babes and mansions?
  8. that statement about everything not being free is a waste is so stupid. NOthing is free and unless you dont care by being overwhelmed by ads and your time is not worth anything, then yeah, its free. Tim is considered life's biggest luxury and odds are an ad is going to grab your eye and your going to read it or click on it. Soon enough, you gave them a couple minutes of your time. Unlike you, my time is worth something so its not free to me. I take it you also find the wall street journal and financial times a waste of money? When I was working on a trading desk we used to get the gartman letter, and I currently subscribe to www.davianletter.com (check his recent call on the USO....WOW) and I also subscribe to the trading room at www.eminiaddict.com so there are some things worth paying for, you just have to be careful. That was probably the most ignorant comment I have ever heard, but to each there own and I hope that person does not pay for cable TV because that would make him or her a hypocrite.
  9. Still spamming about your stupid letter? Didn't get the hint when they banned the alias?????
  10. huh?
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