Ticker Tape?

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  1. Looking for software that has customizable ticker tape.

    I'll elaborate. I have a scottrade account that I've kept open for this one indicator. Its nothing spectacular. But I like it.

    Highs/Lows tape. Basically, anytime a stock makes a high or low on the day it makes a print. I use two tape windows....one for all stocks - the speed and "color" (green for highs, red for lows") is a nice sentiment indicator. The other tape I customized. For example.....On my "main" tape I filter for stocks that are making highs on the day with a minimum move of 1.9% - all highs not yet reaching that don't print. Same for lows. 1.9%. Volume over 500K. You can customize for exchange also.

    If you know your sectors you can see instantly what is moving which way.

    I choose 1.9% on the theory that if a stock is up or down close to 2% - especially before 11 am. Chances are high it will move further. Also, its an indication of what is moving.

    I haven't really demoed any systems or other brokers...I know think or swim doesn't have it.....At least I haven't found it yet. And, I don't wanna sift through a bunch of software if I don't have to...

  2. thstart


    We are working on something new and interesting - a real time screener with similar and more functionality.

    Please register at:

    and I will notify you when we are close to testing it.