ticker for Index future contract in IB

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  1. I'm trying to access the dow futures in IB via the API. What is the ticker writing it by the month. Like what is the ticker for Dow futures dec 2007 or dow futures mar 2008??

  2. Gustaf


    Here you go my friend, code supplied by codegod! :D

    --------- Set these fields --------

    contract.symbol = "ES" // or "YM"
    contract.secType = "FUT"
    contract.expiry = "20071220"
    contract.exchange = "GLOBEX"
    contract.primaryExchange = "GLOBEX"


    You can also query expiry="200712" and get multiple values (at least with option chains, havent tried futures).

    Feel free to PM me if you need more help. :cool:

    Br Gustaf