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  1. does anybody have recommendations for tickdata providers?

    I have worked with tickdata.com in the past... but none others.

    I can google and see that onetick.com and tickdatamarket.com also have this...

    just wondering if anybody has used these other two firms, can compare/contrast to tickdata.com... or has other recommendations?
  2. Euler


    For really large data sets in bulk, these may be better, depending on your needs etc.:

    NYSE has their TAQ data. http://www.nyxdata.com/nysedata/default.aspx?tabid=730

    NxCore has historical, if you're interested in learning their API. Their main business is providing real-time quotes, of course, so it's the same API.

    CME and OPRA sell tick data as well, not sure how much it is anymore.