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    Tickblaze is now part of the EliteTrader Community!

    Tickblaze is a new trading platform brand for both automated and discretionary trading. We've been working on the technology since 2006 catering mostly to small buy side firms, asset managers and professional quants. The platform has a robust feature set for systematic traders that we hope the ET community will love.

    Tickblaze has a unique architecture that enables traders to backtest, optimize, visualize and execute their entire portfolio of trading strategies and produce joint performance results. Each strategy in the portfolio of strategies can simultaneously trade multiple symbols, exchanges, asset-classes, bar types and time zones. The platform's architecture was designed from the ground up to support full portfolio trading with as few limitations as possible.

    The platform currently supports 18 types of scripts that can be written in both C# and Python, using our easy-to-use functional API.

    Tickblaze isn't limited to automated trading. The platform has a feature packaged discretionary trading solution which is very competitive with popular platforms, and includes a powerful charting package, multiple trading tools and customizable workspaces.

    You can download the platform’s FREE Community Edition from our website at https://tickblaze.com

    We’ve invested a lot in Tickblaze and hope you love it.

  2. fan27


    Good to see Tickblaze on ET Sergey.

    For those curious about Tickblaze, I have been using it since 2018 for backtesting/live trading systematic futures strategies and am a very happy customer!
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  3. RedDuke


    Welcome to ET. Does your platform support multi time frames?
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    Thanks guys, we're glad to be here.
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    Yes, each strategy in the portfolio of strategies can access as many time frames as you like.
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  6. toc


    "The platform currently supports 18 types of scripts"

    What are these scripts.......can you name them. Does it send signals directly to interactive brokers.
  7. Tickblaze

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    Yes, we're connected with Interactive Brokers via their API.

    Add-On Add-On scripts are used for adding functionality to the platform by allowing custom code to be triggered manually from its trading tools.

    Alert Alert scripts are used for executing custom actions as part of the actions executed by an alert.

    Bar Type Bar Type scripts are used for building custom bar types that can be used interchangeably with native bar types throughout the platform.

    Commission Commission scripts are used for calculating the commission paid to a broker for each executed order, based on the broker's exact commission schedule.

    Drawing Drawing scripts are used for drawing a visual object on a chart or as part of another script's implementation (such as a Trading Strategy script).

    Dynamic Allocation Dynamic Allocation scripts are used for systematically redistributing cash between desktop strategies based on their performance or some other heuristic.

    Indicator Indicator scripts are used for calculating a series of numerical values based on the price, volume and open interest of an underlying symbol.

    Multi-Symbol Trading Strategy Multi-Symbol Trading Strategy scripts are used for simultaneously trading a group of symbols from a single strategy instance.

    Optimization Algorithm Optimization Algorithm scripts are used to control the optimization process.

    Pattern Pattern scripts are used for recognizing and highlighting chart patterns based on the price, volume and open interest of an underlying symbol.

    Performance Metric Performance Metric scripts are used for calculating performance statistics similar to those in the Performance tab of the desktop / portfolio.

    Position Sizing Position Sizing scripts are used for overriding the quantity of pending orders after those were generated by a Trading Strategy script.

    Risk Management Risk Management scripts are used for managing risk by modifying or cancelling trading strategy orders based on portfolio level risk analysis.

    Signal Signal scripts are used for generating numeric buy/sell trading signals based on the price, volume and open interest of an underlying symbol.

    Slippage Slippage scripts are used for simulating market slippage by setting the final execution price of each simulated order fill.

    Tax System Tax System scripts are used for calculating and reducing the capital gain taxes created by the strategies.

    Trade Management Strategy Trade Management Strategy scripts have multiple use-cases such as implementing position entry strategies, implementing position exit strategies and implementing advanced order management systems, among others.

    Trading Strategy Trading Strategy scripts are used for trading one symbol at a time such that each symbol gets its own strategy instance.
  8. Daniel.a


    In the process of moving my Equity portfolio trading to Tickblazer from Multicharts, very excited.
    (With the kind help from fan27 as consultant)
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  9. Yours is probably the most professional and suitable product for retail algorithmic traders that has been advertised on this website IN YEARS. Welcome. @fan27 had many good things to say about the platform.

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  10. Tickblaze

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    Thanks for the kind words. The R&D effort behind the platform was significant, as we wanted the architecture to be as robust as possible. The quant and algorithmic trading solution is mature at this point, with very few action items left.

    Enhancing our discretionary trading capabilities is also a top priority of ours in the years to come.
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