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Daytraders: Tick Chart vs. Candlestick Chart(what's better?)

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  1. Traders,

    I was wondering if anyone had a preference to Tick charts over Candlestick or vice-versa. Please explain why one is better than the other. This is a question mainly for daytraders. Thanks
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    tick chart overload your IP bandwidth causes computer freeze constantly.

    Candle chart does not require too much power to overload the IP bandwidth.
  3. I work for a prop firm and I was advise to incorporate tick charts in my trading arsenal . I understand it's important because it's pretty much a visual chart of time and sales. Tick chart may be best for scalpers
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    Both are good but it depends on your trading style as a day trader. For example, if you're scalping (most folks consider such as day trading)...go with tick charts.

    However, if you're using candlestick pattern signals...you obviously need candlestick charts. There are other day trading situations where one will have preference versus the other. Yet, the point is you have to know your type of day trading style to determine which is better.


  8. For women, candlesticks win hands down.
  9. You can have a tick chart that is displayed in candlestick form.

    Think you meant to ask - tick chart vs minute charts (as well as volume based charts or range charts or etc. etc.).

    Candlestick is just a way to format how the chart is displayed.
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