TICK vs. Advance/Decline Line

Discussion in 'Trading' started by doug456, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Is there a difference between the NYSE TICK and NYSE Advance/Decline Line? Is there a difference in the charting of the two?
  2. yes
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    Could you be a little more specific?
  4. a/d line, and tick are very different.

    Charting the tick (tiki for dow stocks) seems pretty worthless to me. It goes from negative to positive many times during the day.

    If you are not familiar with what these are (and it sounds like you are not), you should study up on what the "trin" is (a combination of up/down volume and a/d). This is a more useful number than a/d alone, or up/down volume alone. A/D alone is fairly useless IMO, and "tick" alone is completely useless (again in my opinion).

  5. The advance decline is the number of stocks up and down on the day. The tick is the number of stocks on an uptick or a downtick at every given "moment" (ie not sure if they calculate it with every change or every 3 seconds or what).

    Does that help?
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    Let me chime in a little Error, if you will please.....

    I got to disagree a bit here. I don't think the tick alone is completely useless. I believe one has to look for general consistency in the tick, if that consistency exists during any particular time segment; such as during a morning or afternoon session.
  7. The ticks are one of the best indicators out there. For timing entries on a pullback or fading ranges they are hard to beat.
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    Different (datafeed) vendors use different strategies.

  9. if you put a moving average of the tick on a chart to smooth it out a bit you might see something.