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    Can anyone here, explain to me how looking at these two factors could help my trades???
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    My crude understanding of tick and trin is that they are like parts of the weather report.

    Kind of like the way humidity and barometric pressure can tell you if it is going to rain.

    TICK = the number of stocks ticking up minus the number of stocks ticking down. Any number over zero means the TICK is positive. When it gets too high [over 900-1000] it will pull back and will usually reverse.

    TRIN = Measures volatility - has inverse relationship to the TICK

    Low TRIN is bullish
    When advancing stocks dominate volume flow, the number reads under 1.0

    When declining stocks dominate volume flow, the number is over 1.0

    Like I said I'm just learning this stuff so, If any of this is misstated
    Please correct dna
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    This indicator is often using for daytrading. It can help you identify when there is an index arbitrage
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    Thanks... really appreciate it...
  5. TRIN indicates bullish sentiment. Below 1 means bullish. Above 1.20 is bearish. If TRIN gets extremely bearish, a trend reversal is near. TICK is the number of stocks advancing/declining.
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    so currently the market reads:

    Tick: last price -95, chng close -495, low -145, high 950, chg.open+93.02,

    Trin: last price .23, chng close -.47,low .02, high .27, chng open +1200

    this would indicate that a trend reversal is near???
  7. dgmodel - what timeframe trend are you thinking about?
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    3 min. & 15min. & daily
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    thank you...
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