Tick, Trin, Vix

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  1. azzie


    Do I have to subscribe to some pretty high-end data feed to get these indicators?
    I looked at some widely used feeds on the web and saw no mention of whether they are provided or not (I know Tradestation and esignal have it - both of which I consider to be too fancy for me).

    To make it short:

    Maybe someone is kind enough to post an example (examples) of data feeds, which provide afore mentioned indicators.

    thanks in advance
  2. Not sure would have to check again but I believe Q-Charts provides this data. If I remember correctly from my days using Real-Tick they definitely provide the Tick and Trin.
  3. jester

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    Q-charts does indeed provide those.

  4. from quote.com via Quote Tracker or on the web via livecharts.
  5. I know IQFeed also provides these
  6. Free on quote.com


  7. Arnie


    I use Mytrack.com and they are included
  8. azzie


    iqfeed and mytrack are both reasonably priced

  9. tradestation has these indicators as well
  10. showed me a high TRIN reading in the early going today

    of 3.50 - 3.75 ....

    assuming this is accurate ... is this a good indication of selling
    pressure to hit the tape for the opening few minutes?

    I was long some QQQ 's and got stubborn

    early on ... but besides the globex low boing taken out

    could a trader have considered selling just based on this
    high early trin reading ?
    #10     Feb 25, 2003