Tick Trading with TradeStation?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Norm, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Norm


    Can I use tick data (or a tick chart for backtesting) for automated trading with TradeStation?

  2. Shazbatz



    TS is good for intermediate trading and backtesting. I would look elsewhere for scalping
  3. Please continue your uncompleted speech
  4. This screen shows a MACD crossover system on 60 minutes, 1 minutes and 1 tick chart.
    As you can see the three syutems generated trading signals, so it will work on any time frame, from 1 tick data till monthly data.
  5. Shazbatz


    Hey genius. If you could think for 1 second you will see I was implying that tradestation is a horrible platform for automated scalping.

    Now would someone please tell me where all these smart asses come from???
  6. No, I am not even half genius as others, but probably more genius than you.

    Now, why it is horrible? And what are other better alternatives that you are using?

    Thank you in advance for sharing more details :)
  7. Shazbatz


    No problem :)

    Im not much of a scalper but from what I have read in the TS forums it can be quite a nightmare. It works for well for my trading style though.

    An alternative would be to create from C+++ or other programming languages if you have the knowledge. If not then there are vendors out there who have a good product. A friend of mine uses Redsky and is pretty happy with it but it is quite costly