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  1. So the YM has a $5 per tick
    NQ is 10 i think
    ES is like 12 or something....

    Are there any futures you can trade with a smaller than $5 per tick increment? I would like to trade futures more, but I find its too much leverage/risk for my account...

    When I enter a postion i'm playing too scared, because just a few ticks against me and i loose more money than i'd like to.. so I exit positions very quickly...

    If i can find a futures/comodity or something that has smaller increments than YM... I would be able feel more comfortable with my risk in these trades...

    Any suggestions?
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    Trade eMINI EuroFx futures 6.25/tick or Wheat Minis 1.25/tick!

    Or wait until you have enough capital to afford to lose more than one tick.

    ***NOTE to Noobie>>many of these Mini's are not liquid***
  3. If $5 a tick is too much you shouldn't be trading futures. Start with ETFs which mirror many of the same indices as futures but are not leveraged. Once you're good with DIA (for the Dow), SPY (S&P 500) and QQQQ (for the Nasdaq 100) then you'll be ready for futures. If you can't afford to lose a one day move in the future you're trading (and a BIG day at that) then you don't have enough capital to trade futures (yet).


    P.S. one last note -- commodity futures are capable of moving "lock limit" against you meaning you cannot close your trade -- watch out for this (equity index futures theoretically could but it's not as common).
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    good advice.
  5. Actually trading the EFTs is what i have been doing lately for that reason..

    BUT the 25k pdt rule gets me.... so I have trouble trading my strategy.....

    So my problem then becomes with the ETF's is not the amount of money i'm risking on each trade, becuase i can buy as little as I want to feel comfortable in that department... BUT my fear then becomes... "Should I enter this trade here, and risk getting stoped out and only having 2 day trades left for this week".....

    So then I become extra picky and tentative with my picks so that i dont risk one of my precious day trades for that week... and that is about as bad as the fear of loosing too much per trade....
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    You can trade single stock futures if you have a futures account.

    I don't know how liquid it is though. You can go to onechicago.com to check it out.
  7. trading bubble...
  8. Check out tradesports.com. I believe they still have e-micro contracts. Check them out!
  9. goog futures...spread is not that bad~$0.30-0.50 at
    best and massive 10:1 leverage.
    not bad liquidity also; autoquotes min. 10/10 each side.
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    I wouldn't recommend the GOOG SSF to this guy. Yeah, the spread may be only .50 but that's still 50 bucks per contract; and with the limited liquidity, that single contract could quickly become a 200 - 300 dollar loss.
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