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    Try: 1min NYSE TICK with 3 bar EMA(for smoothing the visual), 60 pd bollinger bands(60,2,-2), horizontal line a "0". Observe this for a couple weeks in relation to S&P and Dow intraday. Good luck.

    See image below.
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  2. paulus


    where ca
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  3. paulus


    where can i follow the TICK- indicator ?
    i suppose you won't get it from IB feed ...

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  4. lmt


    Interesting approach, thanks.
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  5. paulus, IB does not have TICK, even though they did add a number of calculated indices recently. you can use QuoteTracker go get data from IB, and indices from an alternate source, such as Quote.com. If you do that, just add TICK.NQ (NASDAQ) or TICK.NY (New York) as user defined indices on the index panel. You can of course chart the data for all securities that you track. QT is free with optional registration to get rid of ads, and for longer intraday chart timeframes

    Jerry Medved
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  6. What is the best time frame to be used on
    Tick/ Trin/ E-mini Futures/ indexs/bonds if
    you are scalping intradaycharts?

    and suppose my time frams are 1,5,15,
    ,30,60 minutes. One which time frame oscilators
    like Stochastic (slow or fast), RSI, ADX, macd, CCI
    works best for scalping?
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    I would say that if you are scalping you need to know key highs and lows made so far that day. You also need to know other support and resistance points such as the weekly high/low, key points on daily chart, SR numbers from trade prospector, etc. I wouldn't use those indicators you mentioned for scalping. others may disagree.

    TIP: follow the dow cash S/R's if trading ES. A lot of times the Dow will make perfect double bottoms, retraces back to previous close, etc.. and easier to identify than other securities.
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  8. I watch $TICK on a 5 minute chart with 2 moving averages on it. If I get a trigger to go Long or Short on a stock or index future I look at $TICK prior to Entry. If the TICK is not trending my way at my time of Entry I pass on the trade. I want the overall market going in my direction when I pull the trigger. If the market is going with you at Entry it increases your chances of getting to you 1st profit target and moving your Stop to Break Even.
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  9. Arnie


    Someone else posted earlier about watching tick and forming your own opinions. Linda Rashke and Mark Cook both use tick. I have found its good to note if ticks stay consistently positive all day, how they pull back with the market, do they diverge etc...
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  10. BigMike


    I monitor a few things that are subsets of the TICK for opportunities to fade, such as the TIKI (basically the TICK for the Dow 30), and my own "sector TICKs". I use these numbers to spot program trades and basket trades which can lead you to some nice quick scalps.

    For example, when the TIKI gets above/below +/-25, it usually signals that a basket was just bought/sold and you have a shot to scalp a handful of the thick dow names. Just a thought.

    That is all.

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