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  1. Is there a TICK indicator for the DOW? If so, what is the symbol, and does IB offer it? Thanks for any help.
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  3. Thanks WJK. I had actually tried that, and it doesn't seem to work for IB. When I do a search on IB I can't find it either. Maybe they don't offer it. Thanks again.
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    Unless they've recently added it I don't think they do.
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    I use Ensign with IB and they don't have TIKI or PREM. You can roll your own in Excel.
  6. Thanks guys. Maybe I will go the excell route.
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    I am able to chart TIKI with Trade Station & E Signal

    Tradestation $TIKI
    E Signal $TICKI
  8. I have started using TICK for NYSE and NAS, and have found it useful. I would like to try TIKI. Do you find any difference between E Signal and Tradestation as far as speed and accuracy go, or are they pretty much identical?
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    I've always liked Tradestation's charting the best. I added E signal because level two data seemed more reliable with them(perhaps do to limitations of my pc), and they linked up with stock scanning software I use more effectively. Wanted the backup, too. I am transitioning to the YM and will most likely just keep Tradestation. Each has their own advantages, but I like the multi page capability of Tradestation over E signal. E Signal can be linked to IB so you can fill orders at IB through E Signal.
    Don't know if you can do that with TS.

    I do my future trades with IB, and my stocks with Tradestation. I believe you can get most internals indicators at each one. I've never been a fan of IB charting, but like their commission rates. The platform is free at Tradestation if you trade 5000 shares or more stock per month. The short list with them was always limited, but now I don't know how it is at IB. See a lot more red boxes at IB then I used to. That's one of the reasons I'm heading to the futures. Hate the PDT rules, too.

    Both are good, but I prefer Tradestation. I haven't found an advantage to using the TIKI over the TICK for trading. I used to look at the TICKQ too, but now mostly just use TICK, VOLD, ADD, and an occasional look at the VIX. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks wjk. I have traded EMD and ER2 for quite a while, in longer time frames. I have been looking at trading ES or maybe YM or NQ for basically scalps, and have noticed that $TICK helps me see when ES might be running out of steam in the very short term. I wanted to see if TIKI would be even better when used with YM, or in conjuction with TICK. I have been using the Nasdaq TICK too. I wish IB had TIKI. Thanks for the help.
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