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  1. Vince1


    I purchased tick data from Tick Data. Very satisfied with it. They were recommended in The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies along with Pinnacle Data for daily data++
  2. How well did the TickWrite work? Was it easy to use? Also, it says $75 per symbol per year, is that what it actually ends up costing. They are expensive, but if the data is clean it will be worth it.

    Thanks for your input.
  3. One


    TickWrite is very easy to use and creating data files for analysis in other programs is a snap. The charting capabilities of TickWrite, though, are rudimentary, and not really useful for analysis. There are cheaper sources for data (including some that do not charge a minimum fee), but Tick Data's quality is excellent in my comparisons to other vendors. You might want to download the white paper on their site describing algorithms they use to clean data.
  4. Vince1


    Absolutely - except for the $150.00 minimum thing++
  5. macaw


    ANFutures seems very cheap. Does anyone know what their data is like?
  6. One


    I belive that $150 is the min. for 1 min data and up, but close to $1,000 min for tick data. Perhaps that has changed.