Tick Charts vs. Time Charts

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  1. I have to say that, after checking out esignals new tick charts (where candles are composed of ticks and not time), I am probably never going back to time charts again.

    50 tick charts and 250 tick charts are definately much better than those time charts -- at least for my style of trading.

  2. Look at this beauty.
  3. wdbaker


    That looks like an ATM machine, sign me up

  4. "That's a lot of ka-chingos, baby!"

    (That was taken from one of the books I've read called, "Rule the Freakin' Markets," by Michael Parness. Probably one of the most obnoxious authors about trading I've ever read.)
  5. so, what exactly are you going to do with that?
  6. Oh Yeah!...
  7. Gordon Gekko,

    All kidding aside -- you can't look at that chart and see perfect set-up points? Maybe you use a different system than I do, but all I would do is just go long when the red MA line moves upward immediately after it has been going downward and short it when it turns back down.

    How many points would that have been on this chart? Probably above 5 easily.

  8. breakout, not to ruin your party, but what about the next 2 consecutive breakouts after that? you would have been long at 2 tops.
  9. Gordon,

    Are you using AOL instant messanger? Send me a message if you get a chance at "aphexcoil"
  10. Damn Gordon...you're such a downer dude...LOL (just kiddin)

    If you just must know...I masterfully manipulated
    my way through those breakouts and scratched.

    Any other questions...my disciple :D
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