Tick Charts and IB - possible?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by misterkel, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. misterkel


    Tick charts: are they possible on IB? I can't find anything about setting them up.
    I'd like to try trading from tick charts, but not sure how to go with IB.
    thanks for looking.
  2. zwangerz


    I was not able to do it. Closest was looking at time and sales in rt. My solution was to use Multicharts together with IB to plot tick charts (and place trades)
  3. Onra


  4. pstrusi


    Get the free platform Ninjatrader and you'll be able to do it
  5. Onra


    You still have to make a connection with a broker or (paid) dataprovider.
    If IB doesn't provide ticks, it doesn't show up in Ninja.
  6. WealthSignals

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    To my knowledge, TWS API does not deliver tick data - just snapshots. -Eugene
  7. I couldn´t figure out how to set up a tick chart in tws. The lowest timeframe is 10 seconds. Ticks cannot be selected. Is there a possibility to use IB´s tickdata with Sierra Chart?