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  1. skunks


    Hello guys. Could you suggest what are that fence bars on a 100-tick chart and how to avoid them. It seems not all of them are related to news. May be its a result of algo-trading so the time of their appearance is unpredictable?
    Or may be you know a good source of news that gives explanation to each of these babies:
  2. they're the result of volume spikes, put a Vol indicator on the chart and see
    and they can't be avoided regardless - maybe - of chart type
  3. Your data feed is screwy...

    Here is the proper GCQ2 feed for that day...
  4. Honestly... Did you even bother to check the GCQ2 100 tick chart on your data feed before saying that?

    NOTHING moves like that ever...

    Each one of those bars has the EXACT same levels for multiple candles with a WIDE range of movement.

  5. skunks


    That's strange. What is your datafeed?
    Mine comes from Infinity / TransAct.
    May be that's a bug of Sierra chart.

    I had a bad luck of my stop executed on one of them near the very top (but not exactly).
  6. skunks


    The problem is solved now.

    It was due to combination of 2 settings in Sierra Chart:

    1) Intraday Data Storage Time Unit was 1 Second, not 1 Tick.
    2) Split Data Records in Chart Settings